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Mom of two, wife, teacher, runner, and a lover of field hockey.

I fell off the wagon this week

Fixing it first thing in the morning!!!!!!! :):):)

Excited for spring break!!!!! The girls and I will actually see the hubs lol :):):)

8 hours ago
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Am complete

15 minutes on the bike
15 minutes walking

Didnt feel too bad lol

Happy monday!!!!!!!

2 days ago
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Orioles game :):):):):)

Orioles game :):):):):)

3 days ago
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Seashore half marathon ~ 2:12:58 unofficial

I was at an hour when I hit the 10k mark!!!!!!! I felt great until 10 miles and I made the mistake of walking!!!!!!!!! But I was beat, 10.1 - 11.2 was filled with walking and jogging. Then I ran the rest, my knee was achy the rest of the race!!!!!! I wanted to be under 2:10 and I could have if I didn’t walk, but im still happy with how I did!!!!!!!!

I think its a PR for me, I think my fastest was 2:15 before!!!!!!!!

Now im off to an Orioles game :):):)

Thank you so much for all the encouragement!!!!!!!! :):):):)

3 days ago
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Half marathon in less than 24 hours

4 days ago
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Hit the gym for a quick workout!!!!!!!!

Wasnt really feeling like my legs wanted to run yet, so I did some lifting!!!!!!!! I love goblet squats, why, I have no idea lol, but I do!!!!!!!!

Tomorrow I get back to my routine!!!!!!! I just needed a mini break.

Going to redo the first HIIT training tonight :):):):)

1 day ago
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2:12:48 PR

Fastest previous half was 2:14:38, almost a 2 minute PR!!!!!!!!!

3 days ago
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Orioles game with the hubs!!!!!!!!

Orioles game with the hubs!!!!!!!!

3 days ago
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It’s go time :):):):)

It’s go time :):):):)

3 days ago
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Family walk on the trails :):):):)

Family walk on the trails :):):):)

4 days ago
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